Ergonomic Design
For Comfort & Safety

Ergonomics, the study of harmony between people and the environment, is a science. Fu Yi's design team, based on your home style wishes, portrays the home style you pursue through colors, furniture, lighting and decorations, so that you can live your own lifestyle and flaunt your taste.

In spatial design, we advocate a humanized living space, with you and your family as the center. For example, when designing a stove, we give priority to the owner's height, living habits etc. We design safe configuration of water and electricity too, so that you and your family will be safer and more comfortable working in the kitchen.

Danga Sutera Exterior Design

Horizon Hill Interior Design

Danga Sutera Interior Design

Horizon Hill Exterior Design

A Little Insight into
Feng Shui Knowledge

Since we have taken some Feng Shui courses, we have a little fundamental knowledge of home Feng Shui. When designing and renovating buildings, we always avoid Feng Shui taboos and unfavorable furnishing.

Quality Meets Excellence

We make every last project extraordinary, to maintain our service will be top-notch. So be sure to check out how we build every exceptional.

Interior & Exterior Renovation

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